12 April, 2011

This is a little edit of our latest song, One Day, showcasing some of the beats that got submerged under an ocean of synths and guitars.

15 March, 2011


I finally got my Moog shipped to me.  It’s sitting at my feet and all I want to do is start playing with this new wonderful toy.  Life is good.

Tonight Jonathan and I work on Niabi.  Another single is coming very soon very soon.



20 January, 2011

first single // 2008

… is coming coming coming soon.

Last night we worked till late in the night/early in the morning going through it with a fine tooth comb.  The layers and builds make me want to fall to my knees at points.  It’s feeling… there - in the pocket - so so close. 

and what is incredibly cool for me, is that when I was writing this I was writing from a place in my heart that was so very broken.  I always considered 2008 to be the saddest song on my EP, even though (especially) because there were no vocals.  Now it’s taken a stance of triumphancy, - still gutting - but the story it tells has changed ever so slightly.  Instead of sitting down, it’s standing up.

I’m so thankful.

Thankful that my Grandfather insisted on piano lessons.

Thankful I found the right person to collaborate with (Hi Jonathan).

Thankful for Mark Van Hoen, producer.


Have a beautiful day everyone.

You’ll be hearing 2008 soon.  Stand by.